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Tuition & Fees

  • Calculate tuition based on a student’s demographic data.
  • Calculate tuition based on academic load or anticipated load.
  • Automatically calculate changes in a student’s tuition from a dropped or added class.
  • Create multiple groups of tuition rules, enabling you to charge tuition and fees to groups of students based on criteria you define.
  • Automatically transfer charges to an active third-party sponsor and credit the student account.


  • Create unique bills for each business unit.
  • Generate bills for students or third-party sponsors.
  • Decide whether or not anticipated financial aid amounts from Financial Aid should appear on the bill and if they should be included in the student’s account balance.
  • Sort bills by several different attributes, such as campus, academic level, academic program, name, zip code and more.


  • Enter groups of charge and payment transactions manually, so you can post transactions immediately or by a deferred background process.
  • Load charges and payments from third-party systems.
  • Route requests to approve payments and charges before they are posted.
  • Age accounts by using aging categories that you define.
  • Write off delinquent receivables to support your accounting year-end procedures.
  • Detect and report chart of accounts errors before entries are sent to the general ledger.

Payment Plans

  • Create plans that allow prepayment of tuition.
  • Let students pay their tuition and fees in graduated parts.
  • Create plans that defer due dates for students facing financial hardship.
  • Administer payment plans for external organizations.

Manage Student Accounts

  • Accept charges and payments online or from any external system.
  • Delegate entry of receivables and payments. Permit only authorized users to post these transactions.
  • Defer a transaction to a future term or backdate a transaction.
  • Inquire on a student or third-party account, including current credit, debit, and collections activity.
  • Assess late fees on delinquent accounts using aging rules that you establish.