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Accurate and prompt billing

HealthCloud helps you ensure all billable services are identified at time of service at all times and minimizes the time to produce an accurate patient bill.

  • Maintain a single view of services and charges for a patient across all departments.
  • Track delivery of services and control when each charge is posted to the bill.
  • Control modifications and cancellation of charges through approval workflows and rules.
  • Streamline package billing based on Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG).

Control discounts and refunds

HealthCloud lets you control the process for discretionary as well as pre-approved discounts.

  • Automated discounting rules based on payer simplifies the process and reduces errors.
  • Approval workflows for discretionary discounts improves control, enhances auditability and speeds up the process.

Reduce wait times

HealthCloud lets you streamline your patient flow and gives you deep visibility into patient wait time.

  • Integrate with queuing systems to streamline flow of patients.
  • For each patient visit, track:
    • Patient wait time
    • Service delivery time
    • Patient volumes
    • Consultation timeliness
  • Predict patient wait times and identify causes of wait times.