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Track Revenue in real time

Get real time tracking of revenue across all lines of businesses and departments. Slice and dice your data across multiple dimensions:

  • Department
  • Services
  • Procedures
  • Trend over time

Control costs through deep visibility

Our data warehouse collates information from all sources (EMR, ERP, Billing systems) to provide deep visibility into the cost for each procedure.

  • Track direct and indirect costs for each procedure:
    • Physician’s fees and cost
    • Medicines and supplies
    • Labs and Radiology
    • Asset utilization
    • Stay charges
  • Analyse real time trends to identify unusually high costs.

Reduce pilferage and waste

Reduce waste and pilferage with analytics based on tracking of medicines and supplies from procurement to consumption.

  • Track quantities of medicines and supplies consumed against “standard kits” setup against each procedure.
  • Track sales against changes in stock.
  • Analyze waste and pilferage across procedures, departments, wards and concerned staff.