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Vicenna offers clinical, operational and analytics solutions for hospitals, practices and innovative care delivery ventures.

Vicenna offers clinical, operational and analytics solutions for hospitals, practices and innovative care delivery ventures.

Evercare Hospital Lahore, is part of the multi-national Evercare Group whose vision is to lead an integrated healthcare network in emerging markets, transforming the quality of healthcare and impacting millions of people. The Group’s portfolio includes 29 hospitals, 16 clinics, 57 diagnostics centres across Asia and Africa. Evercare Lahore is a 270 bed, multi-specialty facility, encompassing a wide range of clinical services. Each clinical department and specialty at Evercare Hospital is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities. The hospital is designed to offer patients the most innovative and advanced treatments while also ensuring maximum economic value.

Evercare opened its doors in 2019 and was soon faced with shutdown of OPD clinics due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The management scrambled to cope with the unexpected delays and decided on the implementation of a telemedicine capability that will allow its staff of 40+ consultants to resume providing care to their patients who particularly needed it in the time of the pandemic.

Out of a pool of candidates evaluated through a stringent selection process, Evercare chose Vicenna to deliver a telemedicine solution within an aggressive timeline. Vicenna set up a complete telemedicine solution in a record time and onboarded its doctors onto the platform soon after. Vicenna’s human centered design language made it very easy to quickly train the Hospital’s staff which led to an on-time launch.

The Challenge

Evercare management understood that in order for the telemedicine initiative to be successful, the solution has to be very easy to use for a patient population that is not accustomed to using technology and at the same time the solution must fit within the workflow of their consultants and meet their demanding needs.

Evercare also wanted to use this initiative as an opportunity to promote their brand through the patient app and provide additional services like consultant directory and appointment scheduling.

The Solution

Vicenna’s telemedicine solution was the perfect fit to meet the needs of Evercare. Built on a robust video technology, the telemedicine platform easily integrated and extended the outpatient workflow of the consultants. The patient app was configured with the color themes and branding of Evercare to provide their patients a value added experience.

The solution offered the following features and capabilities:

Easy onboarding

One of the major hurdles in adoption of telemedicine has been the very first step of onboarding patients to start using the app. Vicenna’s telemedicine solution has a customizable onboarding process that allows users to sign up with minimal information. At the same time it guides them on setting up appointments and making payments.

Appointment management

Appointment management for telemedicine can be quite a hassle for the administration and leads to frustration of patients. The virtual setting poses a number of challenges, because of limited communication between patients, administrative staff and physicians who may be all typically in different locations.

Vicenna’s telemedicine solution provided a process centered design which enables efficient appointment scheduling, management and patient facilitation. Patients can set up appointments directly from the app, track the status and enter the virtual waiting room from within the app.

Payment mechanisms

One of the main hurdles to telehealth has always been online payment especially for developing countries. For this reason, the Evercare telemedicine solution provides local mobile wallets such as Jazzcash & EasyPaisa as well as global payment gateway for Visa and Mastercard.

Extensive reporting and analytics

Visibility is imperative to measure the efficacy of any system and so Vicenna provided a detailed reporting dashboard with built in and customisable KPI’s. Powered by Microsoft BI, the analytics help the management measure, monitor and facilitate processes. From broad overviews to granular details, Vicenna’s pervasive data analytics capabilities ensure that all stakeholders are up to date with the most relevant information.


Evercare experienced a number of benefits as they launched the telemedicine during the pandemic and have now made it part of their standard care delivery model.

Convenience for all stakeholders:

Evercare proved that with Vicenna telemedicine, they were able to not only fulfill a need during the shutdown but also continued to offer convenience after the resumption of in person clinics. Overall it provides more flexibility to the patients as well as the physicians.

Lower costs for patients:

Evercare consultants have well established practices that extend widely across the region and beyond. This means that very often patients travel long distances, for a consultation with their physician. Through telemedicine, the physicians are able to see many of their patients for routine chronic care management as well as for urgent consultation, saving them the hassle, time as well as money for making the trip to the hospital.

Greater Access:

Patients who are homebound or just can’t take off time from work, or are too old or are disabled, can access care virtually at the time of their choosing. This greatly expands a hospital’s penetration.

Increased patient engagement and satisfaction:

The patient app and telemedicine have provided a channel for patients to stay engaged with Evercare and their doctor, increasing their satisfaction with the services that Evercare provides.

Increased revenue:

While the purpose of introducing telemedicine was to fill a specific need during the shutdown, it now promises to be an additional method for seeing patients providing additional revenue to the hospital as well as the physicians.